Our primary objective is to deliver the best premium quality services with unparalleled flexible business relationship to many prospective clients in pet food industry worldwide. While always looking forward to the future, new innovations through our knowledge are already making a big difference today. Research & development is an integral part of our mantra – to stay ahead is to be a winner.

About us

Petfood Specialities Company offers world class support and reliable service for professional pet food producers. Backed with more than 20 years of experience, we perform professional evaluation of existing pet food production lines, marketing and project details to ensure that our clients continue to operate at maximum efficiency levels while remaining highly competitive on the market.                    

Technology transfer

Technology remains the main engine behind every production – only the right solution for the right company will comfortably guarantee its future success.  We will transfer all our knowledge and top quality solutions in pet food world to you; from new formulas and packaging solutions to quality production equipment and process line solutions for dry and wet petfood, all according to client needs and market requirements.

Complete business solution

Full service program ensures our total dedication to every category, from existing process line optimizations for dry and wet pet food, product test & trials, local paperwork support, new formulas and vitamin premixes, packaging solutions, market consultation, efficiency optimizations, outsourcing and so much more – a complete business solution with technology transfer.

Premium spare parts for extruders

Even the best equipment has its limit in working hours, before it finally breaks down. When it does, we are ready with compatible premium quality spare parts to keep production on its deadline without reduction in quality – for both knives and die plates.
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