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Tender evaluation

Tender evaluation

Every new project in a wet and dry petfood manufacturing facility involves a budget. If you’re planning on building a new production line or upgrade an existing one, you probably have countless offers from your suppliers on your desk. Every one of them wanting to provide you with their product or solution.

Thanks to our extensive practical knowledge, we can help you find your way through these hundreds of offers. We can sort the offers by offering and by price. We will then compare the offers to clearly illustrate the differences in the features and price of the product or service.

Our expertise means you can make significant savings even at this early stage in the project. We will highlight exactly what equipment, raw materials or solutions you need, eliminate unnecessary elements and dispense with unnecessary investment costs.

We will prepare a professional request for quotation and send it to your potential suppliers. Because we use the same set of questions, the offers received will be consistent and easy to compare. We will perform a full analysis of the content and price of all the offers we receive. We will eliminate unnecessary elements and enquire about additional items if required.

We can also work together with you and your team to evaluate the offers and invite suppliers to present their offer as part of a company presentation. At this stage, we can ask the relevant questions and act as a moderator during the presentation and negotiation process. We can organize a meeting at the supplier’s headquarters and combine the visit with an audit of their production line.

We have excellent contacts and relationships with many suppliers to the petfood industry. We will help you avoid the risks involved in working with an unverified supplier. We will perform a comprehensive analysis of offers and present you with a final report. By eliminating unnecessary elements, we can reduce your project costs at this very early stage. We can assure you that our working processes are completely transparent in our work. We are not a sales representative for any supplier. We will work only for you and in your interest. You can’t go wrong with us!