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Verification audit

Verification audit

Every day, the production of wet or dry petfood brings new challenges and questions. The production process is based on natural raw materials, which can introduce many variable factors. The quality of raw materials also has a huge impact on the smooth-running of the production process.

By optimizing production, you can keep costs in check and generate financial profits. Well-organized production lines, trained operators, tried and tested raw materials and optimized recipes are the key to success in the petfood industry.

We that manufacturers of wet and petfood are experts in their field and know exactly what to expect from their factories.

Despite this, problems can often accumulate and become unmanageable. Costs that are too high will impact profitability and product quality, leading to increased complaints from consumers. The pets may refuse to eat the product or, in the worst case, their health will. If you’ve investigated all options and still haven’t found a solution, we can help.

Simply invite our specialists to a Verification Audit. Working together with you, we will develop a plan for visiting your factory. We will listen to all your questions. We will audit the production line, check your quality assurance documentation and examine the recipes you use. All this with the aim of finding solutions to your problems.

Thanks to our extensive practical experience, we are confident that we solve any typical problems and even tackle non-standard issues successfully. We conduct an in-depth analysis of all the factors, consistent error verifications and then provide you with a list of corrective measures.

We can identify the weak points in your production process or recipes and then present a plan showing you the right direction to take to help you resolve the crisis.

After the Verification Audit, you will receive a detailed report with an analysis of the problem. The report lists which aspects have failed and which need to be improved.

The report also includes a List of Actions that will help prevent the problem from. Thanks to the data from the report, you will know which steps to take. In the next step, the Verification Audit, we can help eliminate problems and optimize recipes and the production process.