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Dry & wet petfood production

Dry & wet petfood production

Building and starting new factory production is always a complex challenge. With our robust expertise in manufacturing, you will be able to launch production on every line much more effectively and quickly. We provide complete line designs, based on top-quality machinery and technical solutions for producing a wide range of products, from economy to super premium, wet and dry petfood. We do so in accordance with the customer’s instructions, business strategy, market positioning and technological requirements. In new projects, customers also benefit from our HACCP system insights, product-positioning consultation, nutritional revaluations, legal declarations and documentation advisory.
We support your success through rapid low-cost production start-up. 

The production of wet and dry petfood are the two most important branches of the petfood industry. In the face of high competition, it is extremely important for a prepared project to meet the current market requirements. It is crucial to match production line capacity to the market standard, to minimise production and technical service costs. We are absolute experts in wet and dry petfood production technology. You can have absolute confidence in us, when we work together. We will provide you with maximum support in designing and commissioning your production plant and in introducing new products to the market. All our solutions for the production of wet and dry petfood are proven and tested. 

We protect your money while calculating your budget. We have the experience to know what process line you really need and what equipment will be important for production. We also have the ability to identify redundant and unnecessary equipment in the multitude of offers you might receive from your existing suppliers. Thanks to this, savings are even possible at the very beginning of the project. 

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Palatability enhancer production

Palatability enhancers (digests) are an especially important ingredient in every dry petfood recipe for dogs and cats. Properly selected, they guarantee a high level of palatability.This applies not only to the premium segment, but also to the economy and private label segments. There is a lot of competition in each of these segments and the appropriate palatability enhancer will help increase palatability and prevail in quality over competing products. There are many recognized producers of palatability enhancers on the market who are able to provide materials for every segment of the dry petfood industry.

On the other hand, the use of palatability enhancers is associated with high raw material costs and, consequently, with high recipe prices. Depending on the dry petfood market segment, a significant part of the recipe cost can be due to raw material costs and the amount of palatability enhancer added to a recipe. 

We have a solution for this. We will help you design and build your own process line for the production of liquid palatability enhancer for dry petfood. We offer process line designs across the entire capacity range. Of course, our offer is absolutely comprehensive: we also provide all the necessary expertise, knowledge about production technology
and a complete set of production recipes. When the production system has been implemented, you will be able to produce your own palatability enhancers, control their quality and reduce prices. 

This will reduce the impact of the cost of palatability enhancer and the cost of the final recipe. Usage of cheaper palatability enhancer means that your investment in your production line pays off very quickly. An equally important aspect is that you will gain a new tool for research and development. Having your own palatability enhancer production lines will enable you to experiment with new raw materials that will further improve the palatability of dry petfood. Thanks to this innovative approach, you both save money and become an R&D leader over your competitors. 

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Factory startup

Designing a wet or dry petfood factory is a very demanding process. Both the necessary equipment and appropriate product recipes are needed. We design both the production lines and the full set of recipes needed for production. Neither of these elements can exist if we do not take the other into account. The entire production line must meet the highest requirements that result in recipes in each market segment. 

We are the only company on the market that is able to integrate recipes with the appropriate production process right at the design phase. You will receive one global, coherent project in which each recipe can be recreated in industrial conditions. 

On the other hand, our highly flexible design will enable you to develop in the future, create new products and more innovative recipes. During every design process, there comes a moment when all the pieces of the puzzle must be checked in real conditions. This is the start of a new factory. Our experience is extensive and is based on several dozen years of practice. You don’t have to worry whether our knowledge is merely theoretical. The proof is that we commission every production line that we have designed ourselves. We test recipe we create in real industrial conditions. Thanks to our extensive knowledge, we know how to combine all the elements to obtain a perfect finished product.

We actively implement changes and innovations every time we commission a new factory or production line. We react very quickly and adjust the necessary changes to adapt the process and product to the local market. During the launch, we implement any change on an on-going basis and also fine-tune product. At the same time, we explain to all the operators, the complex aspects of the production process, the relationships between raw materials and their impact on technology. Every time we commission a factory, we use it as an opportunity for learning and training. You can unique and practical first-hand knowledge. We give you a guarantee of success if you complete the project according to our guidelines.

Quality documents 
& Certificates

We combine legal and technological requirements to ensure strict quality control and legal compliance. Every stage of pet food development and production is strictly regulated to ensure product safety, health and nutritional standards comply with local regulatory requirements. When a new product is introduced to the market, it is especially important to take a disciplined approach to all aspects of quality and safety.

We provide support in implementing recommendations, employee trainings and best practices in a factory. It is a critical investment in building reliable foundations for petfood business future.


Whether you’re seeking advice on recipes, process line design or simply want to optimize your business effectivnes, we’re here to help.

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