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Innovation, research & development

Innovation, research & development

Looking at the market for products for dogs and cats, you could get the impression that everything has already been thought of. Every type of product, form, colour, size, flavour and much more is already available. And yet, perhaps you would like to create something specific for your client? Something innovative and personalized, something different and new.

But the question is, how to do this?

Our portfolio includes numerous projects we have conducted for clients who have introduced a new product to the market. New may mean different in its functionality or form, purpose, composition, or aesthetics. We handle every project individually. We assess your strengths, to make the new product as good as possible and to find its target audience. The aim is to introduce an innovation that will gain full acceptance by the customer in terms of quality and price.

Based on a thorough analysis of your expectations, your capabilities and resources, we will prepare proposals that are fully supported by our superlative knowledge of current customer expectations and market trends. We will estimate the costs of project implementation and propose the most effective solution. Together with your team, we will select the target project and help you implement it while avoiding unnecessary mistakes. We will guide you along the surest path for development and the research required to ensure product quality, compliance with nutritional requirements, process conditions, available resources and, most importantly, cost control.

Our purpose is to create a product that will appeal to customers and be enjoyed by their pets as part of a healthy and active lifestyle.