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Product & Brand Development

Product & Brand Development

Looking at the shelves stacked with products for cats and dogs, including daily diets, veterinary diets and snacks/treats, it seems that the market is already full and there is no space for a new product line or even a single new product. However, this only seems to be the case. 

Dog and cat owners are so emotionally connected to their pets that they are becoming more and more demanding when choosing the products they will feed them with. As they are experts in the habits and dietary preferences of their four-legged friends, they know how to meet their daily nutritional needs. They know when and with what to reward their pet for exercise and training, or what form of product their pet prefers.

Knowledge of the petfood market enables you to understand customer needs and find space for a new product and/or product line along with establishing a new brand.

Overy many years, we have kept a keen eye on the fluctuations in market trends over the years. We also have expertise in new technological solutions for introducing new forms and types of products. We are perfectly capable of finding a place for new products. 

We will use our wealth of knowledge to prepare a new product development strategy for you – its idea, purpose, recipient, quality and price range. We will design a product for you in terms of the expected marketing and functional statements. Everything will be based on the legal requirements for a specific market and the nutritional requirements of the target group of animals. We will develop a whole line of products, with solid arguments for the selected product variants, their functionality, composition, taste, and target market, depending on the age and activity of the animals. We will also include propose preventive diets in the product line.