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Product approval to Asia, AAFCO and FEDIAF standards

Product approval to Asia, AAFCO and FEDIAF standards

Bringing a product to a new market requires a thorough knowledge of that market. The basic requirement is knowledge of the legal aspects and specific features of a given market.

If you are introducing your product to a completely new market, e.g. expanding the sale of products from EU markets to the US or Asian markets or vice versa, the first step is to identify the nutritional and legal guidelines that are applicable in the new market so the product’s composition and specifications can be suitably adapted, while maintaining its original features.

Nutritional guidelines related to the legal regulations for a given market, combined with the nutritional recommendations for the specific market (such as AAFCO or FEDIAF) then form the basis for adapting the product.

Not all raw materials currently used in one market can be used in the new one, where they might not meet legal guidelines. The same applies to product functionality.

In addition, there are customer expectations and habits that are related to the quality, form, texture, taste and composition of food that is locally available.

We are ready to verify your products in terms of composition, legality of the ingredients and declarations in relation to the requirements of the new market. After verification, we will create recipes and product declarations for the new market, while maintaining the product idea and its original specifications. We will also check whether your product will be equally well received by animals in the new market.