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Products adaptation to a new market

Products adaptation to a new market

As a manufacturer who has developed your product or product line, you are probably thinking about expanding into new markets. However, this will require knowledge of these markets.

In this case, awareness of legal requirements and the specific nature of the market is key. 

If you expand your sales to markets with uniform legal requirements (e.g. you make your product available in another European Union country), the entire process is much easier because the basic legal requirements will be similar. However, you must always check the specific requirements for a particular country.

In addition, there are customer expectations and habits related to the product. Its quality, functionality, form, texture, taste or composition of food on its market. Animals may have different eating habits as a result of the typical products available in a particular market and the predominance of products specific to that market.

We are ready to verify your products or product lines in terms of composition, legality of the ingredients used and declarations in relation to the requirements of the new market. We will take into account local customer expectations in terms of functionality, composition, taste and nutritional preferences.

After the verification process, we will then prepare recipes and product declarations according to the new market requirements while maintaining the product idea and its original specifications. We will adjust the composition of the food to ensure your clients’ pets will enjoy it and remain healthy and active.

We will develop the product so that the entire line available on various markets is in line with the agreed quality strategy. We will also check whether your product is equally well-received by animals in the new market.