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Petfood Masters School

Petfood Masters School

Petfood Masters School is an innovative, educational workshop, where program is fully customized for your company requirements, to give you new view on your own challenges and future potentials.

Classes brings together exclusive knowledge, interactive seminaries and networking with industry professional practitioners with over 20 years’ experience in petfood production, marketing and management.

In Petfood Masters School we cover core aspects of successful petfood production in interactive, intensive and interdependent sessions.

Program and content of all sessions is completely linked only to your company needs.

Based on market demand we create program sample:

– Recipe creation process

– Managing the use of raw materials in the production process

– Running the production process under different conditions

– How the product development process effects on palatability

– Assessment and risk analysis of the product stability on the market

– Creation of the text on the packaging according to feeding and legal aspects.


The program will help you to increase your company’s competitive advantage and profitability by applying learnings in your workplace right away.

To ensure focus and maximise benefits from participation in the program, we suggest organizing at your company location, but it can be organized on any place you choose.

Participants will enhance their competences even further to be able to shape the future of petfood category and enhance their business competitive edge. Knowledge and skills acquired over the course can be directly implemented in your daily activities at work.


Multidisciplinary event organized from a practical approach due to high market demand for specific know- how in petfood industry. The event is organized and lead by top industry professionals with no influence from sponsors or any hidden lobbying included. It creates a valuable opportunity to build professional network and exchange best practices or learnings serving business performance and pets.


The program will provide fact-based knowledge, skills and solutions related to your needs to help you increase your business profitability. Our interactive workshops are designed to offer participants a hands on experience and direct access to speakers and facilitators. Attendees will have an opportunity to take part in real business simulations, experiencing real ingredients, raw materials and production processes.

Now more than ever, we believe that the excellence of production process, consumer relevant product development and effective leadership are right answers to the challenges of our times. We are offering you revolutionary new ideas to achieve the significant step change in your business performance.