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Dry & wet petfood production

Dry & wet petfood production

Building and starting new factory production is always a complex challenge. With our robust expertise in manufacturing, you will be able to launch production on every line much more effectively and quickly. We provide complete line designs, top-quality machinery and technical solutions for producing a wide range of products, from economy to super premium wet and dry petfood, we do so in accordance with the customer’s instructions, business strategy, market positioning and technological requirements. In new projects, customers also benefit from our HACCP system insights, product-positioning consultation, nutritional revaluations, legal declarations and documentation advisory while partnering with us. We guarantee your success through rapid low-cost production start-up. 

The production of wet and dry petfood are the two most important branches of the petfood industry. In the face of high competition, it is extremely important for a prepared project to meet the current market requirements. It is crucial to match production line capacity to the market standard, to minimise production and technical service costs.

We are absolute experts in wet and dry petfood production technology. You can have absolute confidence in us, when we work together. We will provide you with maximum support in designing and commissioning your production plant and in introducing new products to the market.

We give a 100% guarantee of success when you follow our tips and recommendations. All our solutions for the production of wet and dry petfood are proven and tested.

We protect your money while calculating your budget. We have the experience to know what process line you really need and what equipment will be important for production. We also have the ability to identify redundant and unnecessary equipment in the multitude of offers you might receive from your existing suppliers. Thanks to this, savings are even possible at the very beginning of the project. Many investors put their trust in us!