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Product & brand development

Product & brand development

Looking at the shelves stacked with products for cats and dogs, including daily diets, veterinary diets and snacks/treats, it seems that the market is already full and there is no space for a new product line or even a single new product. However, this only seems to be the case. 

Dog and cat owners are so emotionally attached to their pets that they are becoming more and more demanding when choosing the products they will feed them with. Knowing the habits and dietary preferences of their four-legged friends, and being pet parents, they feel fully responsible for their health and know how to meet their daily nutritional needs. They know when and how to reward their pet for exercise and training, or what form of product their pet prefers.

Knowledge of the petfood market enables you to understand customer needs and find space for a new product and/or product line along with establishing a new brand. Overy many years, we have kept a keen eye on the fluctuations in market trends. We also have expertise in new technological solutions for introducing new forms and types of products. We are perfectly capable of finding a place for new products. 

We will use our wealth of knowledge to prepare a new product development strategy for you – its idea, purpose, recipient, quality and price range. We will design a product for you in terms of the expected marketing and functional statements. Everything will be based on the legal requirements for a specific market and the nutritional requirements of the target group of animals. We will develop a whole line of products, with solid arguments for the selected product variants, their functionality, composition, taste, and target market, depending on the age and activity of the animals. We will also include propose preventive diets in the product line.

Products adaptation 
to a new market

As a manufacturer who has developed product or product line, you are probably thinking about expanding into new markets. However, this will require knowledge of these markets, especially legal requirements. 

The specific nature of the market is key. If you expand your sales to markets with uniform legal requirements (e.g. you make your product available in another European Union country), the entire process is much easier because the basic legal requirements will be similar. However, you must always check the specific requirements for a particular country. In addition, there are customer expectations and habits related to the product, its quality, functionality, form, texture, taste or composition. Animals may have different eating habits as a result of the typical products available in a particular market and the predominance of products specific to that market. 

We are ready to verify your products or product lines in terms of composition, legality of the ingredients used and declarations in relation to the requirements of the new market. We will take into account local customer expectations in terms of functionality, composition, taste and nutritional preferences. After the verification process, we will then prepare recipes and product declarations according to the new market requirements while maintaining the product idea and its original specifications. We will adjust the composition of the food so that your clients’ pets are satisfied and at the same time remain healthy and active. We will develop the product so that the entire line available on various markets is in line with the agreed quality strategy. We will also check whether your product is equally well-received by animals in the new market.

Feasibility study

Do you have an idea for a new line of business? Do you think that producing food or snacks/treats for cats and dogs is the perfect solution? To assess whether your project has the potential for success, we can prepare a feasibility study for you.

Feasibility studies are important for projects that represent a significant investment for your business. We will check whether the return on investment will be high enough to justify implementing the project. We will assess whether you have the required tools and resources to implement this project. Based on our many years of experience, we will prepare a full study that will include a description of the project, technical aspects, technology, required equipment and personnel. We will conduct market research, which will include the current market situation, market trends and marketing strategy. We will include opportunities for supporting the project within your current organizational structure. All of this will be set out in a schedule and a financial feasibility report.

research & development

Looking at the market for products for dogs and cats, you could get the impression
that everything has already been thought of. Every type of product, form, colour, size, taste
and much more is already available
. And yet, perhaps you would like to create something specific for your client? Something innovative and personalized, something different and new.

But the question is, how to do this?

Our portfolio includes numerous projects we have conducted for clients who have introduced
a new product to the market. New may mean different in its functionality or form, purpose, composition, or aesthetics. We handle every project individually. We assess your strengths,
to make the new product as good as possible and to find its target audience. The aim
is to introduce an innovation that will gain full acceptance by the customer in terms of quality
and price.

Based on a thorough analysis of your expectations, your capabilities and resources,
we will prepare proposals that are fully supported by our superlative knowledge of current customer expectations and market trends. We will estimate the costs of project implementation and propose the most effective solution. Together with your team,
we will select the target project and help you implement it while avoiding unnecessary mistakes. We will guide you along the surest path for development and the research required to ensure product quality, compliance with nutritional requirements, process conditions, available resources and, most importantly, cost control. Our purpose is to create a product
that will appeal to customers and be enjoyed by their pets as part of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Product approval to Asia, AAFCO, 
and FEDIAF standards

Bringing a product to a new market requires a thorough knowledge of that market. The basic requirement is knowledge of the legal aspects and specific features of a given market. If you are introducing your product to a completely new market, e.g. expanding the sale of products from EU markets to the US or Asian markets or vice versa, the first step is to identify the nutritional and legal guidelines that are applicable in the new market so the product’s composition and specifications can be suitably adapted, while maintaining its original features. Nutritional guidelines related to the legal regulations for a given market, combined with the nutritional recommendations for the specific market (such as AAFCO or FEDIAF)  form the basis for adapting the product.

Not all raw materials currently used in one market can be used in the new one, where they might not meet legal guidelines. The same applies to product functionality, claims or required packaging declaration. In addition, there are customer expectations and habits that are related to the quality, form, texture, taste and composition of food that is locally available.

We are ready to verify your products in terms of composition, legality of used ingredients and declarations in relation to the requirements of the new market. After verification, we will create recipes and product declarations for the new market, while maintaining the product idea and its original specifications. We will also check whether your product
will be equally well received by animals in the new market.

Application of new
raw materials for petfood

The market for balanced feedstuffs and treats/snacks for companion animals is fast-moving and dynamic. New products with a new look, quality solutions or new functionality are launched every day. Manufacturers present novelties that are part of product formulas and have a specific function, with a positive impact on pet health and quality of life.

If you can access raw materials that you would like to use to optimize price and/or quality, or if you would like to add something new that will refresh your product for the customer, but you’re not sure how to go about it and not make a mistake in terms of legality, nutrition or quality, simply contact us.

Over the years, we have completed many projects that involved using new raw materials to optimize costs, improve product quality, utilize raw materials from other technologies and many other situations related to customer expectations. And all this is based on compliance with all the required legal and nutritional standards and confirmation of full acceptance of the product by the recipients: cats and dogs.


Whether you’re seeking advice on recipes, process line design or simply want to optimize your business effectivnes, we’re here to help.

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