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Custom diets

Custom diets

The trend towards personalization and humanization in the manufacturing of food and snacks/treats for dogs and cats means that increased attention is being paid to maintaining the quality of the product, its functionality and the way in which it meets nutritional requirements. Adding new ingredients or additives, giving the recipe a new functionality, or preparing the product for specific customer requirements brings a great deal of responsibility related to legal aspects and the quality aspects and the stability of the product on the market.

Will your client’s pet eat and enjoy the recommended quantity of this product, without any ill effects to its digestion? This is always a crucial question.

Our many years of experience include mastering the challenges involved in preparing products for special customer requirements. We will plan a project for you, taking into account all the elements needed to prepare a safe and nutritionally balanced product that complies will all the relevant legal requirements. 

Every stage will be based on price optimization. We will prepare the of research required to cover the specific product requirements, so that your client can be sure of receiving exactly the product they requested. We will prepare a product specification based on the formula we have created, which includes nutritional, legal, functional and marketing declarations. Finally, you will receive a full package of data for bringing the project into standard production with a guarantee of customer satisfaction and acceptance of the product by the target recipient – the pet.