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Solving quality problems

Help – product quality issues!

What can you do when you have carefully created your product with extensive research and development, successfully launched it onto the market and then, suddenly, you discover that something is wrong? Maybe there are quality problems with the product’s stability (it goes rancid or mouldy) or animals refuse to eat it or, in the worst case, animals have digestion problems after consuming your product. You check the process, but nothing seems to have changed throughout the entire process since the product was launched.

What can you do?

You contact us.

Throughout our many years of working in this field, we have encountered many different problems. Some arise as a result of primary source irregularities or when introducing changes over time. Every problem has its cause, which we can identify by performing a detailed analysis of each stage of the product manufacturing process.

Our specialists will carry out a professional audit. We will find the source of your problem and resolve it. As part of the analysis, we can recommend other/better optimization solutions that will improve the quality of your product. These solutions will also demonstrate opportunities for potential savings.

The solutions we offer are guaranteed to ensure the quality and stability of your product on the market, they comply with nutritional guidelines and reflect market trends.

The aim is to provide a safe and high-quality product that our four-legged friends will all enjoy.