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Who we are

Who we are

We contribute to your business success by helping you to make the best out of technology and minimising confusing hassle that impacts management effectiveness and efficiency. 

For over 20 year we have accomplished goals resulting in improved results for many of our customers by bringing enthusiasm, dedication and broad petfood production know-how. 

We provide business advice to industry leaders on their most critical issues and help them to tap into most promising opportunities: business and production optimization, factory and organisation design, adapting new technologies, technical services as well as marketing strategy across petfood industry.

Technology remains the main engine behind every production: from competitive product formulas and packaging solutions to quality production equipment and dry and wet petfood manufacturing process developments. We believe that only tailored to our clients’ goals solutions guarantee success. Therefore, we apply best practices, breakthrough ideas and proven solutions available in petfood manufacturing world in a holistic and unique to clients’ needs and market requirements way. 

We provide a complete business solution with technology transfer in dry and wet petfood production. Our service programme requires from us an entire focus and deep understanding of the rules of the game in every field: from existing process line optimizations, product tests and trials, new formulas, vitamin premixes, packaging solutions, local legislation support, efficiency optimizations, outsourcing to marketing strategy and much more. 

We respect confidentiality and remain committed to our customers until core issues are resolved and contracted services delivered. This is why we have earned a reputation of a trusted, long term partner. 

Our unique approach helps to increase a company value by providing pet owners with products that pets adore and reducing waste of your most valuable assets: time and money. 

We are here to help you grow your business.

Petfood Specialities d.o.o. Team